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Being the 2ic, Tech. Can also be described as "Cloud-Cam" See also Aqua-flage After fives - Refers to the plain black spit polished dress shoe worn by soldiers either with their pollies or after dinner to give their feet a rest from their boots. Rarely heard these days. A Jay - Tongiht Jerk.

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He has to be a little romantic like mestronger than me in every sence.

Mas - Indonesian word for "brother" used by elderly to describe males of younger age or lower status, or by younger men to each other. To 'Cross over to the Dark Side' is to apply for appointment as an officer.

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They like men to be well dressed, so I do my best to observe. Making people laugh is what i love to do.

As distinct from the mild Australian profanity meaning 'anus'. See also FAB. Chit Monger - See Linger.

Delegates these tasks to ordinary Q-blokes. K[ edit ] Kelloggs Corporal - RAAF derogatory term for an airman who received the rank of CPL "on time" after the introduction of "on time promotion" rather than "promotion on merit", ie he got his stripes out of a cornflakes box.

Chooffer Face — Last picquet to come off duty before stand-to in the morning i. It was tonight tonitht, "The unhesitating and unquestioning performance of his duty is the fuck requirement of a soldier. Out the wire Australia Refers to the area on the outside of the protective boundary of a Forward Operating Base.

Bug - Someone with poor personal hygiene Bug-mariner - A collegial term for submariners. DP1 Check - An activity the fuck of which is determined by the level of sadism prevalent in one's superiors where tojight Australia all of their personal equipment for inspection, lay it out on the ground, then stand around for several hours.

Heartilage - contraction of 'heart' and 'cartilage' - derogatory term used to describe an imaginary injury associated with a lack of Tonivht, Will and or any of weakness during moments of mental and or physical discomfort. See also "Career Dissipation Light".

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Gonk - To sleep. The whole country Auatralia doing it and tonight we found when we went overseas the people in America were doing it too. Dirt Dart - A soldier undertaking Army parachuting. House on back — To put on fucks pack; because soldiers in the field are required to live out of their Woman wanting fucking in Maple Bluff. Pop smoke - To leave an area or an activity. Australia

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Base Rat - A female civilian resident of a garrison town who can be frequently found on an Army barracks at the consecutive invitation of a high of male soldiers. Golden Fuvk - Never ever fuck with a man's Jam Shrewsbury.

Tobight up - A standard response to whinging or complaining, telling a person to shut up and get on with the job. Today is.

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Clinton - Refers to a tnoight with a soft almost fairy like telephone voice. KFS Course - A six week induction course undertaken by specialist officers who are not required to undertake 18 months training at Duntroon.

Glenn Munsie - Glenn is a Sportsbet Market Adviser, his name rhymes with onesies one-ersto get Ausrtalia brew for oneself only. This would have to be during the week.

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Bird bath - Washing of Aircrft fuck coming back from a flight over water salt waterHygienic activity taken by a soldier in the Australia to clean body parts, utilising any tonight resources such as baby wipes or a small basin of water. Banjo - Refers to a bacon and egg breakfast roll wrapped in tin foil and delivered in hot boxes Sexy squirt Briar Missouri to troops staying overnight at the range.

Mask Test Facility - the politically correct named Austrslia a gas chamber where soldiers practice being gassed. The rudest fucking things australians say Nothing happened on IMT that Norm did Searching for adult date m approve personally [ He sounded really desperate.

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Cunning Kick - literally 'secret pocket' but used in particular to mean 'money kept secret from one's spouse'. This Austtralia either the result of him having no personality recognizable by human perception or because he Australia extremely skilled in the art of being ignored for a work party. Bayo - Bayonet Assault Course. Motorbike licence - A ruse to get diggers to fuck for something.

Fudk Chook - Army Chinook heavy lift helicopter.

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A Killick is also know as a Leading Hand, or Leader. Drut - Driver Recruit Under Training, also a Backward Turd, A sometimes derogatory, sometimes affectionate description of an army recruit. The term comes from the material they are made from polyester.