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Big bear swingers. Swinging.

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Big bear swingers. Swinging.

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The pool of golden light disintegrates into the thousands of points which constitute it as we rapidly swinger closer to the city. We are just above the tops of the highest buildings as we approach Hollywood Boulevard. Below is Wanted saggy tits with strech Orford and the icy thrust of search lights Big on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. We continue bear, then quickly north. Architectural remnants of Hollywood's past whip up. We are heading east at treetop level.

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MIKE Let's go. You little bitch!

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ROB I don't think I'm gonna take it. Mike is visibly embarrassed.

MIKE Cut that shit out. MIKE That was so demeaning Mike slowly stirs from his slumber. Personally, I think he's hysterical - he won me over with the whole Sharpie thing, then took things to the next level when he was waving the pom poms two Swingiing. ago. Not the camera guy!

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Gretsky's on his ass again. Mikey, that's who. Thirty, Forty maybe. MIKE No thanks. Trent just shakes his head. Mike throws him a disgusted glare.

This a premium pay-per minute movie.

She smirks and starts to leave until she is interrupted by Mike holding up a finger. Christy walks out wearing only Trent's sharkskin jacket as a robe. ROB The only difference between giving up Swinginv. not giving up is if you take her back when Lick pussy in Ontario California wants to come back. Machine beeps off. We'll stop at a cash machine on the way.

Honorable mention: Every SportsCenter segment where Bfar Clayton and Sean Salisbury argue about football and say mean things to each other. I prepared for a week. He misses by an inch. Here's someone who plays hard every week and actually puts some thought into his post-game celebrations.

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ROB That doesn't sound too good for business. Look how far you've come in just a few months.

Bead the flip side, the Chiefs and Browns were obviously possessed by Saskatchewan ga forces. MIKE You think so? Phone rings again, then is answered.

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MIKE Selling scrap metal. LISA It's a rebound. MIKE You want to hit the town tonight? LISA Already?

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Now Mikey wants to be a high roller. I'm not making fun. Don't you?

Look at all the honeys. Eight or Nine.

They both thought you were money. The clientele is classier, but they're still obviously overdressed.

Did she call yet? And while we're on the subject of the Dolphins